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About Us


Furs Heartmade for Life!

SAMEL is a company created by proud and inspired descendants of a family that traditionally manufacture fur outfits for over 70 years. Our aim is for our products to combine the natural warm feeling of fur with the perfect design and a great sense of fulfilment when you wear it.  The use of new technologies, in accordance with the fashion trends and the style of the year, enable us to provide you with unique items.

Made in Greece

All our fur garments are made in Greece in a small beautiful town named Kastoria

Hand made fur garments

All our fur garments are hand made from our highly classified workers

Dimitris Michitsopoulos

Personnel & Production Manager

Supervising the manufacturing department which collaborates the Greek traditional hand-made production with new techniques and trends.


Iraklis Michitsopoulos

Sales Manager

In continuous search for the best deals, he travels abroad to auctions farms or selling points in order to provide the best business opportunities for Samel customers and partners.