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Samel Furs – 42nd Kastorian Fur Fair Reviews

Samel Furs – 42nd Kastorian Fur Fair Reviews

As we came to the end of the 42nd Kastorian Fur Exhibition we are giving you our feedback regarding the results.

Hundreds of buyers from all across the world attended the fur fair in order to find the best deal for them.
Business were done for most of the exhibitors and the taste left of this exhibition is sweet.

Specifically for our brand this fur fair was a big success!
Our main goal for this event was to meet new people and present to them our new ‘Military’ collection in order to get the best feedback directly from customers and partners.

What we received was an enthusiasm from most of the people that visited us and we are feeling comfortable to say that we set the bases for new co-operations.

85% of the people that tried on our new collection told us that these garments will be an easy to wear and easy to sell or buy product!
This is because it combines sport,formal or even an everyday outfit.
The design looks casual but the details are what matter the most!

All of the accessories used to decorate these garments are made from high quality materials with a sense of greatness.

For Samel Furs even the smallest details are important and that seems to be especially appreciated from the visitors.

The interest shown was huge and this motivates us to continue our hard work in order to be able to provide you with unique heartmade items each year.
Your opinion is essential to us!

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